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Jan 24, 2007

Book title: Gazzali’s Jinn

Written by Gazzali Maidin ©


Anonymous said...


I have read your book on the jinn and I thought it was real good and you have opened up the door to raise deeper questions concering the jinn.

I have recently wrote some research on the jinn, which is very extensive and any body can download it at the link below:

Amin Sirias said...

Salaam Maulana,

I really enjoyed your book on the Jinn. I do have a question. You mentioned that the word Jinn comes from a contraction of an Arabic word which is found in 105/4. I have quoted the comment from your article below:

"The word teenin is clay and sijjeelin is baked or heated clay. So the development of Jinn comes by slashing the si and the li with a shortened vowel will form a new unique word as Jinn. When 18/50 translated as ‘ who of the Jinn’ means the heated or baked clay."

This is very fascinating to me especially considering information that the above commentator sent me on the word shaytaan. In another book on Jinn the author says the word shaytaan is a contraction of the Arabic words Shay and tiyn. Shay meaning thing and tiyn meaning clay.

Could you share more information with me on the origins of these two words. Did the words Jinn and Shaytaan exist in Arabic language before Al Quran? Or were these words created by Allah to describe aspects of His creations to us In Al Quran, meaning, did they appear for the first time in Al Quran?

I would appreciate your response. You can also take a look at my blog at the following link and contact me any time at my email address which is listed at my blog. The link is: